A Fresh Approach to Fund Raising


Fundraising with Hale Groves citrus is a great, no risk and easy fund raising idea for your organisation to generate high profits. Churches, synagogues, ministries, schools, scouts, civic groups, sports teams, cheerleaders, youth groups, community groups, and even family reunions have all had successful fund-raising events selling Hale Groves premium oranges, grapefruits and other delicious citrus products. Your group can too!
To learn more about Hale Groves Fundraising, order your free fundraising information kit today!

As well as fundraising, we supply fresh citrus fruits to local grocers, restaurants, and cafes. Give us a call to discuss our delicious product range or pop in for a free taster session! We are committed to providing the finest, freshest citrus products to our customers with outstanding service.

Special thanks to Perfect Recruitments for providing farming staff for our citrus farms.